Tingel blues   2.36 MB
Praagse lente   1.13 MB
deun_25   0.7 MB
deun_37   0.9 MB
deun_208   0.7 MB
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Deun Ex Pagina (DEP) is a WEB-based generator that composes tunes based on hazard, musical rules and the parameters that you enter in a form. DEP is a version of DEM (Deun Ex Machina) that has been adapted for the internet. The three tunes above have been created with DEP and DEM.

Click here for an explanation of the principle and the manual.
Click here to start working with Deun Ex Pagina.

raspberry The tunes are made by a Raspberry pi4. First it creates a wav file. Then the Lame program transforms the wav into an mp3 of medium quality.